Decor Inspiration

Where to spend and where to cut when it comes to home decor costs

There are certain items in every room worth splurging on, while others are more fun and frivolous. Here, we break it down room by room to find out what can be purchased for less and what you should be spending a little more on. Shower curtains versus faucets? Duvets versus throw pillows? Lighting versus love seats? We get some advice from Joanne Kakkavas, owner and principal designer of Roomy Home Interiors, to find out what to spend on – and where to save.


Start with sourcing a good quality mattress. Sleep is important and you don’t want to compromise a good night’s rest for the sake of saving a few dollars. You also want to spend on your duvet cover and bedding, Joanne says. “Your bed is focal point of the room, so spend on good bedding that looks great.” You should also spend more on dresser drawers because they get lots of wear and tear. In general, be prepared to spend a lot on your bedroom, she notes. But you can save on extras like nightstands, reading lamps and decorative pillows. Rather than spending money on artwork, go with a beautiful headboard and stylish bedding instead.

Kitchen and dining room

If you can afford it, consider upgrading to stainless steel appliances, which look great and are a good idea for resale value. You also want to spend on faucets and taps and splurge on a beautiful countertop. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, go simple and affordable. The impact can come from unique hardware and handles that catch the eye. Visit antique shops and specialty stores to scout stylish, one-of-a-kind options.

Splurge on a good, functional dining table. It will get lots of use and will last last. Save on chairs since you may want to change them after a few years, plus you need more of them, which can get expensive.