10 Interior Decorating Rules

Know your tastes, style and preferences

Knowing what you like might really help in setting the direction, in which you would like to go when decorating your room or home.

Figure out the budget

You have to figure out the budget for your interior design in order to get everything done within certain time limits. Otherwise you may end up in a half undone room for unknown period of time and this is simply uncomfortable. Know the prices for all basic things like paint, wallpaper, and furniture and based on that knowledge start figuring out your budget.

Consider the space

When decorating your room or home always consider the space. You don’t want to face the space limits problems after the purchase of the furniture you liked. So be considerate and use minimum furniture in small house or apartment to make the place seem more roomy.

The above rule brings us to the next one – create easy walkways

Do not put your furniture the way, in which it might become an obstacle. Think through the walkway as well as the furniture purpose and functionality. It is especially true for small places.


Another important interior decorating rule is finding a focal point in your room, around which it would be easier to build the rest of the design. It can be a fireplace, a bed, a large window, etc.

Theme, style, harmony

In order to make your room or home design really stand out and pop find a thing that would tie all the elements in your design together. It might be a theme, color scheme or style, which will bring in the harmony into your decor.

Avoid bad color schemes

It may sound vague, but there are some colors that simply do not work together and for different individuals they are different. On the other hand, avoid too many neutral and complimentary tones or you might make your room dull and not interesting. Contrasting colors work really well together or alone with couple of neutrals. Using contrasting color scheme you can easily mix and match styles through furniture and interior accessories.

Coordinating the sizes of furniture and accessories

An important rule of decorating – coordinate the sizes of the things you put in your room. Too many big things make the room too impersonal, ‘cold’ or too small if your room lacks space. Too many small things make the room look cluttered and messy.

Do not choose paint before furniture

Paint is easier to choose when you already have all the furniture you want to see in your room. The furniture has other qualities beside the color, which might make it more difficult to match with the existing paint.

Fitting in

Think about how your room design fits in your home design. It might be your goal to make the rooms look like an absolutely different place within a place, but if you prefer more conservative or classic style you might need to coordinate your rooms’ designs.

Samples of colors, textures, and photos of interior accessories all put together will help you see the picture of your future room and home design. Keeping your interior decor simple is certainly safe, but sometimes a good professional advice from a friend or website full of interior decorating ideas can help you pull off some interesting complex interior decor concept.